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Destination Marketers are collaborators

Destination marketers are collaborators: DMOs must strive for a “net benefit” from tourism in their communities Note: this article was authored by David Archer,Editor at Destination Think! on their site published on July 15, 2016. I had the pleasure of meeting with...

Comparing Apollo 13 with Mass Tourism

If the international tourism “industry” were a spaceship called Apollo 13, it would, in retrospect, come as no surprise that we’re hearing reports of a problem. Over the past 12 months a relatively inaudible concern expressed by a few  has grown into a small but...

Do planet and profit need to be at odds?

DestinationThink! is getting ready for its Summit in New York in October (pdf) and one of the themes is titled Profit and Planet. Partly in preparation, the following discussion formed the third in a series of interviews conducted by David Archer of Destination Think!...

Has the growth of tourism become a wicked problem?

This post describes the characteristics of “wicked problems” and suggests that given forecasts of tourism’s continued growth, the term might apply. The designation is important because wicked problems cannot be solved in conventional ways. A new kind of thinking is required.

Why Tourism Needs More Meerkats and Fewer Ostriches

The capacity to thrive in periods of change develops when people behave like meerkats and look out for one another and the group. Given a potential unwillingness to identify “over tourism” as a threat to tourism, it would appear there are more ostriches at work and we need more meerkats.

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