I am indebted to Whole Journeys for sharing this quote from Andrew Zimmern, chef, author, TV host.


What does travelling consciously mean to you? Please complete this sentence: To travel consciously is to:…………..

Here are some thoughts – but let’s grow this together and get a complete picture:

  • To be a traveler, as opposed to a tourist is to travel with all your senses awake, aware and alert.
  • To travel is to travel consciously –or not at all.
  • To travel is to engage in an intimate conversation with the people and places you meet, constantly seeking to experience our world through a new set of lenses.
  • To travel consciously requires first that you take out of your baggage as many pre-conceptions and predjudices and leave them at home.
  • To travel  consciously means leaving your adult self at home too – be as a chlld, full or wonder, and irrepressibly curious.
  • To travel consciously necessitates that you slow down and focus on the small things.
  • To travel consciously is to become a Sherlock Holmes – attentive to the detail, open to unexpected connections.
  • To travel consciously is to look at the world as you would gaze at your lover seeking only his or her well-being and fulfillment.
  • To travel consciously is to seek a place and host who cares.

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