The business literature is full of articles on the importance of differentiating your business by – showing you care; making a difference and having a deeper or higher purpose than simply maximising profit to a few shareholders each quarter.

In fact the three most popular posts on this blog have been those that addressed this topic.

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Why Conscious Hosts Will Help Their Guests Fall in Love

So we were delighted to see that AFAR, the great magazine and web site that focuses more or less exclusively on what we would describe as the Conscious Traveller,  is asking their readers why they travel and using Pinterest to spread the word.

As I haven’t yet received permission to reprint their entire blog post yet, please check it out now

I Travel Therefore I…?

but here’s  the other responses that stood out for me. Why not pop over to AFAR’s blog  and add some of yours.

As I wrote nearly a decade ago: Profit = Passion  + Purpose. Focus on all three but just make sure you get the order right and it’s not as it appears…

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