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I started thinking and writing specifically about Conscious Travel in 2008 after the reality of the global financial crisis had hit home and was further shaped by  first visit to Samoa, although concerns about the application of an industrial model originated as early as 1993. My original blog is still available here and slide decks and papers are on Slideshare here

These six  Videos also illustrate how my thinking has developed over time.

Connections with Conscious Business

As is explained in the following articles, practitioners and promoters of Conscious Business, Conscious Capitalism, values-based business etc have all influenced my thinking and when I talk about a Conscious Host I simply means a business owner-manager engaged in travel & hospitality who is practicing many of the principles and values associated with Conscious Business. For more information on the emergence and growth of the Conscious Business/Conscious capitalism concept, please click on the three links below.


What is Conscious Business? 
Why is Conscious Business on the Rise
What Characteristics do Conscious Businesses Share?


I’ve been a “big picture thinker” for as long as I can remember and, been fascinated by the way humans have developed various ways of making sense of their world over time.  I’ve been interested in the changing role of business since the 70s when, in Vancouver, I had a brief opportunity to work with Willis Harman, founder of the World Business Academy and live on the west coast of North America where so many new ideas in transpersonal psychology, ecology and spirituality had conditions to germinate and room to flourish.

Authors such as Theilhard de Chardin, Willis Harman, John Renesch, Peter Russell, Joseph Campbell, Dee Hock, Michael Rothschild, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Fritjof Capra, Peter Senge, Charles Einstein, Paul Hawken, Giles Hutchins, Ken Wilber, Otto Scharmer are just a few of the many who helped gain clarity about the shift we are experiencing. At the time, their ideas seemed remote from tourism marketing and management – now I believe they are central.

So here, over time,  I will add or cross reference posts  categorised by:

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This is a work in progress – so please re-visit to see what’s here!

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