Calling all women 50+

Are YOU ready to live a life of power, meaning and celebration?

If YES, please join us here in the Silver Tent.

We’ve created a warm, welcoming, nourishing space for those of us choosing to regain our wild, wonderful selves while shifting the paradigm of the older woman to the wise elder!

We rock!

We go beyond the rules!

We go beyond convention.

We live life on our own terms!

So, together, let’s create a safe, supportive and resource rich space for us to not only ignite our dreams, but help each other bring them to life and become powerful role models for a conscious, creative and collaborative world.

Announcing The Silver Tent Launch Summit!

Starting in just a few days








You’ll find a rainbow of resources in the Silver Tent community to support you in making this this phase of your life the most meaningful, the most powerful and the most celebratory…

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An Annual Summit

Each year we’ll host an online festival of phenomenal women speakers from around the world sharing personal stories and ‘how to’ tips to help you reclaim the fact you are now a wise elder… it is in your DNA.. it is your birthright.

Our first Summit in April 2017 coincides with the launch of our community – please register now!


The Silver Tent Community

The pulsating heart of the Silver Tent is the online community that enables wild and wise women from around the world to meet, converse, share and create together.

Click more to find out more about membership and prior to the launch please join our rapidly growing Facebook group.

Silver Tent Travel

text to come very shortly

In 2017, we’re planning a trip to meet indigenous elders in Western Canada.



‘The Silver Tent is leading many of us on a new path into a deeper connection with our own mystery, our own magic and through that to a deeper communion with nature.

It is through this ‘belonging’ that our wisdom arises.’

Francesca Cassini

The Wise Woman strives to create from the edges, not from the mangled, mediocre middle. The Wise Woman and the Wild Woman remain at the frontiers of everything, where creativity, original intuition, insight, vibrancy, visionary spark and all that you need to be effective and useful, all of that lives at the edges”

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes



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