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Anna Pollock has had a long history of supporting tourism businesses in destinations first by applying her research and strategic skills to identifying core trends and opportunities for growth and development in Western Canada. That led to spending a decade as a thought leader in the new domain of rapidly developing digital technology and connectivity so Anna tested her insights on developing one of the first internet-based Destination Management Systems. that at the time Visit England recognised as “best of breed.”

Her time spent immersing in the world of networks and online communities brought her back to her first love – understanding how we humans have changed the way we ‘see” the world and how our mindsets shape our experience. Inevitably that led to applying her “big picture” perspective, which integrated the new ideas and concepts being tested outside tourism, to evaluating just how sustainable the prevailing model of tourism growth and expansion might be on a finite planet. She has concluded that while the prospects for “business as usual” are not at all good, our emerging future brings with a host of opportunities for the travel and tourism sector providing it does business differently.

After four years of thinking out loud in the blog called Conscious.Travel while travelling, speaking and talking to owner-managers of the smaller, medium-sized enterprises, an alternative approach to mass, industrial tourism emerged.

The workshop Flourishing in an Age of Disruption provides a rich opportunity for providers in a community to assess whether they are en route to flagging or flourishing.

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